Tatyana Komaguchi a.k.a “GUCHI” is a stand-up comedian with a unique comedic style influenced by her East Coast and Southern roots. Combining storytelling and set-up-punch jokes, Tatyana delves into topics such as race, inequality, and human observation, offering a thought- provoking perspective focusing on Black, Queer, and Asian issues. Tatyana can deliver clean sets of various lengths, showcasing her versatility.

    While currently not represented by an agent or manager, Tatyana's talent has garnered recognition, including participation in Sketch Fest ‘23 & ‘24, being named a Laugh Factory Fresh Face, and as a Finalist in the ABFF Because They’re Funny Comedy Festival’s Breakout Comedian Of The Year.
    Beyond stand-up, Tatyana explores writing, acting and music. Currently she is the Creative Director of improvisational performance group BMC Improv (formerly Bernie Mac & Cheese) . Her improvisational background and aspirations in film and television demonstrate her multifaceted talents.